Backcountry Fishing in the Florida Keys / Everglades National Park




The Florida Keys backcountry is a gigantic area offering all kinds of fishing.  The opportunities are endless, and you never know what you may find when running around out there.  The Everglades national park is right here in my backyard and offers some phenominal trophy fishing for tarpon, snook and redfish.  Fishing in the park also offers gin clear flats fishing for permit and bonefish.


Fishing in the Everglades is not just limited to trophy sight fishing opportunities.  It also offers great rod bending opportunities with lots of action. On these trips we do not target a specific species, instead, we go out and see what we can find.  Those days may include wreck fishing during nice weather for snapers, jacks and groupers, flats fishing for trout and redfish, mackerel and pompano fishing in the winter months, or shark fishing. The opportunities are endless and these days can be the most fun.  This kind of fishing can be done on fly as well as with a light tackle spinning outfit.  It is a great option for kids and the less experienced fisherman looking to pull on a lot of fish and just have a good time experiencing all kinds of opportunities.


Along with some great fishing, running through the Everglades you will encounter all kinds of different wildlife.  We commonly see pods of dolphins,turtles and manatees, crocodiles and many different species of birds.  You get to see nature in it’s pure, wild state.  The boat ride itself through the Everglades makes the entire trip worth it.


Recommended Tackle


Fly Anglers-I typically use a 9 wt rod and reel setup.  It is well rounded and will work for most situations.

Spin Angler-  I use a 8-12 lb spinning rod outfit spooled up with 10b braid for most situations backcountry fishing.