Shark Fishing in the Florida Keys




Shark fishing in the Florida Keys is highly underrated.  We target all kinds of species of sharks here in the shallow water year round. Lemons, bulls, hammers, and my personal favorite the black tip are just a few of the many species we encounter down here.  They offer incredible pulling power, explosive runs and some species even jump.  With our clear waters down here in the Keys, it allows us to sight fish for these giants.  Sharks over 10′ in length are commonly caught in less than 4′ of water, and can be caught on  a fly rod or with heavy spinning tackle.  The visual aspect of the entire process is awesome.  You get to learn about how they feed, how their body language changes, how effortlessly they move through the water, and how cautious they really can be.  You get to witness nature’s version of perfection in it’s natural state.  Sharks are pretty available year round to target, but, excessively hot water and colder temps can have them moved off of our flats, and tougher to find.


Recommended Tackle and Info


Fly Anglers- 11-12 wt fly rods rigged with a floating line and lots of backing.  A reel with solid drag system is needed to stop some of these monsters.  Good backing knots and rigging are a must.


Spin Anglers-  I recommend using a 30# class sinning rod spooled with 50# braid.