Redfishing in the Everglades National Park





Fishing for redfish in the Florida Keys is awesome.  Redfish inhabit all kinds of different water, and these days we are running into them everywhere.  These fish tail and belly crawl in just inches of water making them a great target for sight casting.  They are typically very user friendly, and are a great choice for entry level sight fisherman either on a fly rod or on a light spinning outfit.  They are typically a very relaxed fish on the flat, and they allow you to get pretty close to them. They are opportunistic feeders, and will eat a variety of flies and different artificials.  They fight extremely hard, and they occasionally make some long runs.

Redfish, for the most part, are pretty available year round. They are a very hardy fish, and are comfortable in varying water temps and conditions. This ultimately makes them a great target species on those not so great days and in colder temperatures.  Redfish are sometimes found in big schools on our flats, and it is not uncommon to see a few dozen fish or more tailing together at the same time.  They are a great species  to fish for.  The thrill of watching an aggressive eat from a redfish is hard to beat.


Recommended Tackle and Info


Fly Anglers- 7-9 wt rods all work fine.  Rig each rod with a floating line.

Spin Anglers- medium action 10# spinning rods rigged with 10# braided line.