Bonefishing in the Florida Keys




Fishing for bonefish in the Keys was my first ever flats fishing experience.  I instantly fell in love with all of it.  The hunt, stalking the fish, the peacefulness of the flats, and getting to see nature up close and personal.  It was overwhelmingly addicting for me, and I have held it dear to my heart ever since.  Just being in the places bonefish live is an experience in itself.  Getting to catch one is a whole different level.


Bonefish are pound for pound one of the strongest fish you will find in our waters.  They make long, high speed runs, and usually will do this multiple times in a single fight.  The are an extremely weary adversary that will test your skills, and your tackle!  Bonefish are a great target species for fly anglers, as well as an angler with a light tackle spinning outfit.  Either way, sight casting to a feeding bonefish is incredibly exciting, and every sports fisherman needs to experience at one point in the fishing career.


Bonefish are tricky to see on the flats, so a trained eye is helpful.  They are perfectly camouflaged to their environment, so spotting them to make an accurate cast takes a little bit of time, especially in unfavorable conditions.   I promise to do my best to put you on good opportunities to catch this elusive flats fish.  Patience is a must for this kind of fishing.  It is not easy, and you have to work hard for your opportunities.



Recommended Tackle and info


Fly anglers- 7-9 weights are all fine for bonefishing.  Make sure to have floating line, and plenty of backing on the reel.

Spin anglers- I recommend 7-8′ medium action rods rigged with 10# braid to allow you to make the longest casts you can.




The best time to fish bonefish is the late spring through the fall.  They can be found year round, but it is all weather pending.