Tag: Redfish on fly

Winter time in the Keys can bring be our most unstable weather patterns of the entire. year.  North winds and cold fronts plague our flats leaving them a baron wasteland, except for a few toothy critters. But, when the weather warms up, so does the fishing.  Post cold front blue bird skies and warming patterns can …

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The Fall is my favorite time of year to fish in the Florida Keys.  The crowds are gone, and the fishing can be phenomenal!  This is our best time of year target large schools of redfish and bonefish, plus the baby tarpon fishing can be fantastic.  

The past week I took a trip with my good friend Mike to visit some buddies who live in New Orleans.  This was Mike’s first time fishing the marsh.  He has heard the stories about how good the fishing is, and has seen the pictures, but witnessing what they have there first hand is a …

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