NOLA Redfishing

The past week I took a trip with my good friend Mike to visit some buddies who live in New Orleans.  This was Mike’s first time fishing the marsh.  He has heard the stories about how good the fishing is, and has seen the pictures, but witnessing what they have there first hand is a totally different experience.  The volume of redfish they have, and how aggressive they can be is hard to explain.  Twenty pound fish are common, and you realistically have a legit chance at catching fish over thirty pounds every time you are on the water.  Spin fishing or fly fishing, it doesn’t matter.  It has opportunities for every angler regardless of skill level.

NOLA is a destination that every angler should put on their list of places to visit.  Tie up some poppers and bigger profile flies and head on down to the marsh. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.  A special thanks goes out to my buddy Capt Greg Dini of  He is the man in the marsh and will put you on the big fish year round.  And, another special thanks to my buddy Brandon Keck.  It was a blast breaking in his new skiff with him a few days.  Thanks boys!

Mike O’Dell with a few monsters!




Popper eat!poppereat

Capt Greg Dini with a solid red